The music industry is constantly evolving and musicians need to be armed with the proper tools in order to be successful in this competitive environment. This is why I’ve taken on a different role at this stage of my music career. My goal is to use my experience to help musicians protect themselves, protect their music & advance their careers.

In my 20 years working professionally in the music business I’ve seen it all. I started my career as a bassist in NYC playing with great artists like Larry Goldings, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk), etc. I played a ton of gigs, toured all over the world and recorded in a variety of contexts.

Around 2002, after writing and producing a couple albums, I got into the world of music licensing. In the years following, I learned all of the ins and outs of licensing, music publishing, contracts, networking, politics, etc. I also became involved in film scoring & composing (see IMDB page for credits).

Along with these specialties, I’m also a mastering engineer, studio consultant, video editor, web designer, computer tech, etc. These skills were all learned at various stages of my career due to necessity, since I’ve always been a full-time musician working in a variety of areas. It’s crucial for musicians to understand that all of these seemingly unrelated nuances of the music industry are incredibly important.

Currently I run the website MyMusicMasterclass.com which is aimed at helping motivated musicians attain “real world” knowledge and take their careers to the next level. I film top music industry artists, who share tips, tricks, advice & more.

Here at Adam Small Music, I've taken this concept a step further in order to redefine what a music consultant and manager should be doing for artists in this modern age.  After hearing the thousands of horror stories about motivated musicians being shafted by managers, music consultants, record labels and scammers, I've decided to give artists a legitimate alternative.  Adam Small Music is a new and unique music consulting and artist management solution for established and emerging artists.  My team and I offer much more personalized energy and "real world" knowledge than a faceless corporate entity, because we are all still professional musicians and industry pros looking to actually help artists instead of preying upon their weaknesses and/or wallets.  And we hope all industry scammers and impostors are slowly eaten by scorned musician zombies (if the zombie apocalypse ever happens...LOL).  Basically, my team and I would love to help take your career to the next level.


Feeling stuck trying to take your Music Career to the Next Level?

If you are unsure how to get to the next level in the music industry, I can help you make a realistic game plan.  I'll analyze every aspect of your career, music, brand and current reach in order to create a custom plan of attack.  I offer hourly rates, package deals and more so let's do a free consult to see if we're a fit.
I'm currently very selective with my management duties based on my super busy schedule, but I do take on new artists from time to time.  If you are in need of a manager, please provide links to all music and relevant info and we'll take it from there.

Need More Fans, Followers, Shares, Likes & Views?

Social Media and Social Networking are an intrical part of every musician's promotional efforts these days.  If you are lacking in this area, you're most likely NOT reaching your potential audience and therefore minimizing your success and exposure.  If you would like to know how I can help you with specific social networks, click on the tabs to the right.
Since YouTube is owned by Google, their videos rank very highly in web searches. Also, our society has become completely audio/visual based, making it necessary for artists to add quality videos to their portfolios. If you want to be more visible in this day and age, you must have quality YouTube content in order to stand up to the competition. I can help brand/design your channel, create cool videos and optimize it all so that you are easily found during web searches.
Most people have a Facebook account nowadays, but many musicians don't use their FB reach effectively to market and/or promote themselves.  I can help brand your Facebook page, increase fans and followers, show you how to optimize your posts and much more. Don't waste the potential of this super popular social network!
Twitter is another important tool for musicians in order to effectively market themselves and their music.  Do you need help gaining real followers and fans?  Do you want to engage and interact with people who could potentially like you and your music?  I can help you find real people who are interested in what you have to offer, not just robots or fake followers used by many services. Note: Fake followers and robots don't listen or buy music...lol.
If you want to increase your visibility and SEO, you should consider some other social networks as well.  Depending on your demographic, I can help you develop a plan to target your specific audience.  For instance, if you are looking to get in touch with music supervisors (for film placements) or booking agents, LinkedIn a great place to start.  Or if you are looking for a younger demographic, Tumblr may be perfect for your needs.  Since every musician is different, we'll come up with a specialized plan of attack after our initial consult in order to get you moving on the right path.
So, once you're entrenched in all of these social networks, how do you create engaging and effective posts without wasting your entire day?  It doesn't have to be a daunting task.  I can show you how to easily manage all of your social media and promotional efforts efficiently and easily.

Want to Place Your Music in a Film or on TV?

If you are looking to place your music in TV and Film, I can help you.  I have over 300 music placements in TV and Film and I know the licensing process from start to finish.  I can help you understand how to present your music, who to contact, which opportunities are legit and which are scams, etc.  Note: I'm not a licensing service claiming to get your music placed for a fee (and you should be very weary of any site making those promises).  I'm simply a musician with a ton of licensing experience and I can help you with this process.
Are you already a member of ASCAP, BMI or SESAC (if you're in the US)?  Do you understand music publishing?  It's integral that you have a thorough knowledge of how the system works or you are bound to get screwed.  If you need help in this area, I can show you the ropes.  If you need assistance setting up an account with a Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) or creating a publishing company, I can help here too.

Do You Need a Band or an Accompanist?

Do you need musicians for a showcase, audition or something more permanent?  If you're in the Los Angeles or New York area I can help you assemble your dream band/musical situation.  I have a vast network of the best professional musicians in these areas and I'd love to help match you with some great talent.
Do you need someone to run auditions, rehearsals or arrange your live show?  If you're in the Los Angeles or New York area, I can help get your live performance to the next level!

Need a Cool Video, Producer, Engineer, Etc.?

Whether you need a producer, studio or a mixing/mastering engineer, I can help you get the best results using my professional network.  My network has thousands of credits in a variety of genres, so let's chat about your needs and see what fits in with your vision and your budget.
Do you need someone to film your live performance for your website or YouTube?  My team has a great mobile multi-cam and pro-audio rig which we frequently use to film top artists at MyMusicMasterclass.com, etc.  So, if you're in the Los Angeles area, we can either film you for a shoot or a live performance depending on your needs.  We can also edit the footage, mix/master the multi-tracked audio and deliver a stellar final product to you quickly.  And if you're looking to film a full-blown music video, my hollywood film industry connections can hook you up rather nicely depending on your budget.

Do you need a Website Branded to Your Needs?

I believe that artists' websites need to showcase their individuality so they can stand out from the crowd.  I can help build you the perfect custom website from the ground up with personal branding, SEO (search engine optimization) and engaging content.  Website's are often the first impression people will have about you and your brand, so make it count! Some recent websites I've made include AdamSmallMusic.com (this site), MyMusicMasterclass.comTedMasur.com and DanielleSmall.com.
Often times, a website is created by a web designer and it becomes impossible for the artist/musicians to maintain or update it without the help of a professional.  That's why I now build all of my musician websites using the WordPress framework which is easy to maintain.  I will show you how to add and subtract from your site easily so you can be free to change things up and keep your fans informed.

Do you need a Great Music Lawyer, PR Team, Booking Agent, Etc.?

I've built a trusted network of top industry contacts over my 20+ years in the music business.  If I can't personally help you with a specific task, I can try to refer you to someone else in my music network.  It's sometimes hard to find quality music professionals that will actually work for you and my network can help you assemble a great team. So, if you need a referral, just ask...


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Media & Press

Social Networking - Adam Small 1

Part 1 of my "Social Networking for Musicians" video series. I break down concepts & strategies aimed at helping musicians optimize their online music promotion & marketing efforts.


Part 2 of my "Social Networking for Musicians" video series. I break down concepts & strategies aimed at helping musicians optimize their online music promotion & marketing efforts.


This is an archived video of a recent KPCC event in which I spoke.  The panel was focused on helping micro-businesses thrive...and as professional musicians, we are all in business.


This is an article that was written about me in the music industry magazine "Highlight". It was an honor to be profiled in this great publication.


This is an interview I did for Take2radio along with publicist Alaina Bendi. I talk about my beginnings, the music industry, My Music Masterclass and more.


This is an article written about me and My Music Masterclass for "Life of a Rockstar". Included in the article are artists Ben Monder, Yogi Lonich, Steve Jenkins, Evan Marien & Bob Sheppard.


This is a music industry article written about me and My Music Masterclass for Mosh News.  They are a news source based in the UK.


Here's a link to my music licensing masterclass video.  I break down the aspects of the music licensing process as well as explore how artists can get their own placements.


Here's a link to part 1 of my bass masterclass video.  I go over a variety of topics including tone, technique, gigging and more.


Here's a link to part 2 of my bass masterclass video.  I go over a variety of topics including tone, technique, gigging and more.



Instead of offering you a free 15-minute session or having you fill out a lengthy questionnaire, why don’t we just have a conversation like normal people…ha.  If you're in the New York or Los Angeles area we can probably find a time to meet in person, otherwise I'm available by phone or video chat (Skype, etc.) and there is no charge for the initial consultation.

It’s important to note that I'm very selective with the artists I take on, due to the amount of personalized attention/time I give them. If I were to help everyone who contacted me, I’d be no better than the big impersonal firms who treat you like a number. This is why I prefer to have a smaller roster of artists, especially on the management side. I never take on commitments I can't honor or artists I don't fully believe in, so if I’m unable to give you 100% of my energy, I will try to refer you to someone who can better meet your needs.


Yeah, that’s totally cool. I can work with your whole team so that everyone is on the same page. No problem at all.


I cannot guarantee you a record deal and I would be skeptical of anyone who would make these types of promises. What I can guarantee is that I will strengthen your entire package/brand, which will give you the best chance for music industry success. Also, I will show you how to attack all of the elements of the music business like licensing, publishing, marketing, social media and more, which can often times get you farther than simply getting signed. If you are strong in all areas of your music business plan, your chances of a record deal and other music industry successes will be much more likely.


If you've researched me, you might notice that I’ve done a lot of music licensing throughout the years. I can use that experience to help give you the best chance to be licensed, but it would be silly for me (or anyone else) to guarantee that I could get your music placed. The music licensing business is very fickle and nobody understands that better than me. I can arm you with all the proper tools needed to license your music though and this is something that many consultants cannot offer.


Since I’m not a typical music business consultant or manager, this is unfortunately not a cut and dry question. As you can see in my services section (which only highlights some of the things I can do for you), I get very hands on with numerous aspects of your career. For instance, if I’m building or fixing your website, I’m not going to charge you the same hourly fee as if I am consulting on music business matters. Or if I’m helping you assemble a band for a showcase, assisting your studio production, or coaching you about music licensing, it’s an entirely different thing altogether. My wide skillset and experience allows me to enter into territories that most managers and consultants cannot, which is why it’s usually best to talk about rates when I have a sense of what your specific needs are. I’m also able to package many of my services together, if we decide to work together…so let’s talk.


I love speaking events, panels, workshops, etc. If I'm available, I'm totally interested.


Questions, Comments & Bookings...Oh My.

Get in touch with me

If you are interested in any of my services and would like more information (rates, details, etc.) please message me regarding your needs. Please include all relevant links (music, videos, website, etc.) so that I can really get a sense of who you are as an artist or a musician. I'll respond to you as soon as possible in order to arrange a conversation or a meeting (depending on your location). Also, If you would like for me to speak at your event (panel, school, workshop, etc.) or guest blog for your site, please get in touch. I love that stuff!